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Horticulture climate-neutral

Our goal

products in 2030

The environmental impact of a horticultural product is influenced by both your footprint and the footprint of your chain partners. Reducing the environmental impact requires effort from all chain components, from production and suppliers to retail and trade. 

With Horti Footprint Circle we will work together to reduce the total emissions, with climate-neutral horticultural products in 2030 as our goal.

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The demand for sustainable products is increasing

The demand for sustainably grown products is on the rise. Retailers, governments, investors, and consumers are setting increasingly higher standards. Companies interested in investing in sustainability often face questions like: What investments are possible, and what is the environmental impact of the investments on the product?

Horti Footprint Circle is a network of companies pursuing innovation, based on environmental impact and aiming to learn from each other. 

For whom

Organizations across the horticultural chain

Horti Footprint Circle is for horticultural companies with a motivation to make both their own company and the rest of the chain more sustainable. 

To compare the environmental impact of the entire chain, it is important to look from different areas of expertise. That is why the Horti Footprint Circle network consists of organizations from all parts of the chain. This concerns breeders and growers, (technical) suppliers, but also service providers. We inspire and help each other to achieve a sustainable horticultural sector.

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Benefit from various advantages

By participating in Horti Footprint Circle you work together with other companies with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the entire chain. There are four packages to choose from depending on your business. Each package offers various benefits in terms of promotion, networking and sustainability. 

Sharing your sustainable story with the right audience

Supported by facts

Utilizing various channels

We do it together: benefit from each other's help and expertise

Our members

About Horti Footprint Circle

"We believe it is important to make a valuable contribution within the chain in order to reduce the total CO₂ emissions of ourselves and our customers. Our participation in Horti Footprint Circle is therefore a valuable and even logical addition to our current ambitions, objectives and business operations. With Horti Footprint Circle we are working together towards climate-positive floriculture products in 2030."
"We got involved in this project because we think it is extremely important for us as a company to produce CO₂-neutral and ultimately become climate positive. We want to be accountable to consumers and therefore ask our suppliers to provide insight into their environmental impact. Through Horti Footprint Circle we can help those companies to also take steps."
Marco van der Goes, Houwenplant
“We feel that joining the Horti Footprint Circle program is a perfect fit for DryGair. Sustainability is what drives our company, and we couldn’t be happier to participate in a program that puts the environment first. It’s exactly where we want to be.”
Ziv Shaked, DryGair

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