Horti Footprint Chain Program

The horticultural sector one step further: collective climate neutral production.

The horticultural sector one step further: collective climate neutral production.

The time of talking about footprints, CO₂ offsetting and climate neutral production is over. It’s time for the horticultural sector to put words into action. This means that not only growers have to take action, but the entire chain.

The reason

Consumers and retailers question: “How sustainable is this flower or plant really?”

The demand from consumers, retailers and governments for sustainably grown horticultural products is increasing. Moreover, these parties have expressed a growing need for proof that a company operates in a sustainable way. The existing (environmental) certifications do not provide concrete answers in the form of, for example, value ratings. This makes it difficult to compare different products with one another. The life cycle assessment (LCA) is a widely recognized technique for calculating, monitoring and benchmarking the environmental impact. A complete calculation requires a lot of data from the entire production and logistics chain. The emissions that stem from the entire life cycle together determine the total environmental impact (carbon footprint) of the flower or plant. The Horti Footprint Chain Program, a collective initiative established by the horticultural sector, will gather data and jointly draw up a plan to reduce their CO₂ emissions.

Our mission

The Horti Footprint Chain Program aims to gain insight for each party in the chain into its share in the carbon footprint of the end product, in order to subsequently reduce CO₂ emissions. This way, CO₂ emissions can be reduced for each part of the chain, which will ultimately lead to a climate neutral product. Because every link in the chain is included in the footprint calculation, it is possible to map out which categories cause the highest environmental impact. Therefore, we can work together to reduce total emissions and compensate them where necessary. Working together toward climate positive horticulture products by 2030.

Footprint calculation

Making environmental impact transparent

Carbon emissions

Reduce and compensate

Climate neutral

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Our partners

About the project

"One of Dümmen Orange's core values is: 'Responsible for people, communities and the planet'. We believe that we must take our role within the chain and also propagate this core value through actions. In addition to creating awareness, we expect that the Horti Footprint Chain Program will also map out concrete improvements, so that we can reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum through innovation and collaboration with other parties in the chain."

Frank Wagenaar, Dümmen Orange

“We entered into this project because we consider it extremely important as a company to produce CO₂-neutral and ultimately become climate positive. We want to be accountable to the consumer and therefore ask our suppliers to provide insight into their environmental impact. The Horti Footprint Chain Program also enables us to help these companies take steps forward.”

Marco van der Goes, Houwenplant