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About ABAB

A business partner that helps you matter.

Making entrepreneurs' dreams come true. That is what ABAB stands for and goes for. By looking together at the best solution for healthy, future-proof business operations. ABAB advisors provide relevant knowledge and take on tasks so that entrepreneurs can get the best out of themselves and their business.

At ABAB we want to be of significance, also for our living environment. Sustainability is therefore an important theme for us, both towards our customers, employees and the climate. We are aware of our social responsibility and are committed to making a restorative contribution to our world.


A fruitful collaboration as a basis for results

ABAB's horticulture business team helps entrepreneurs formulate and implement the right strategy. Of course, while retaining their unique identity and focusing on the continuity of the horticultural or agribusiness company. 

A sustainable business strategy is important for the long-term resilience, growth and relevance of companies. Together we reduce the ecological footprint, stimulate circular systems and promote energy efficiency of companies. We also contribute to horticultural and agribusiness companies meeting the growing demand for responsible horticultural products.

How do we do this? We:

  • advise on developments in the field of footprint reduction;
  • help develop a strategy with future prospects;
  • assist companies in applying for subsidies for investments that reduce the footprint;
  • supervise financing for sustainability;
  • begeleiden samenwerkingen (juridisch, fiscaal, praktisch) op het gebied van verduurzaming;
  • implement sustainability in the corporate culture.
Why Horti Footprint Circle?

ABAB as a Horti Footprint Circle member

Verduurzaming is voor de continuïteit en gezondheid van tuinbouw- en agribusinessbedrijven van groot belang. Inzicht in de footprint van uw bedrijf maakt dat u weet waar er nog winst te behalen is. Ondernemers die zich inzetten om hun footprint te verlagen, doen dit niet alleen, maar juist samen met andere partijen in de keten. De verminderde impact op het milieu, maar ook die samenwerking zijn belangrijk voor een winstgevende toekomst. Zo kunt u elkaar versterken en de gehele keten verbeteren. Het gaat immers niet om het belang van één bedrijf, maar om die van de hele sector.

'To remain attractive in the future, you as an entrepreneur must know and reduce your footprint. Legislation, retail and consumers are increasingly demanding this. A lower footprint is added to the important quality features. Practical examples show that footprint reduction can also positively influence the cost price. Not only you, but also your chain partners are in motion to shape the future together.'

Eric Flinterman, Relation manager
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