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Certifeye is an online platform that allows organizations to increase and automate transparency throughout the entire supply chain. By sharing certificates, CO2 footprints, and other relevant documents, producers, processors, traders, and end-users can gain insight into the information that matters to them. They can then use this knowledge to make informed decisions both at the product level and in deep collaboration with like-minded parties.

About Certifeye

Automation in the horticultural sector

Years ago, Certifeye embarked on this path to reduce the administrative burden for users through automation. Along the way, Certifeye encountered the demand for sustainability and fully embraced it. By participating in the Horti Footprint Circle, Certifeye aims to provide the parties that cross their path with the best possible support in achieving their (sustainability) goals.

Certifeye platform

"The future of the supply chain is sustainable. This is evident in the consumer demand, the shared awareness of the necessity for change, and the increasing collaborations emerging for this purpose."

Marlies Verbruggen, accountmanager

Certifeye can be used for certificate, document, and data management, automating the exchange of certificates, questionnaires, lab results, footprints, and other documents between customers and suppliers.

Certifeye certificaten

Certifeye Wallet

The platform can be deployed in any phase of the supply chain; with the free Certifeye Wallet, the producer can easily send the required documents to the trader and keep them informed about new versions of these documents. 

Traders and end-users can gain more insight into the compliance status of their suppliers, submit document requests, and stay informed about developments within the organization through Certifeye's Business License. 


Information exchange promotes transparency throughout the chain in an accessible manner. Organizations can quickly see which standards their suppliers comply with, while the suppliers only need to update their documentation when receiving a new version.

Why Horti Footprint Circle?

Certifeye as Horti Footprint Circle member

As a service provider with clients in the flower, plant, and food sectors, Certifeye takes responsibility for facilitating sustainability within the supply chain. After all, certificate requirements often align with what is considered sustainable business practices. This includes aspects such as working conditions, the use of certain pesticides, and ensuring the safety of the produced goods.

By participating in the Horti Footprint Circle, Certifeye hopes to share experiences and acquired knowledge with other parties who, in turn, are inspired by Certifeye's expertise, and together they can continue the journey towards sustainability.

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