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Currently 30 companies related to the horticultural sector are part of Horti Footprint Circle. The participants are collectively committed to making the entire sector more sustainable. Interested in connecting your business? Get in touch with us.


Several growers are part of Horti Footprint Circle. Are you, as a grower, interested in becoming a participant? Then take a look at the 'Start' membership for growers.

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Hazeu Orchids


Lamboo Dried & Deco

Teun Valstar


Several suppliers are part of Horti Footprint Circle. Are you a (technical) supplier and are you interested in becoming a participant? Then take a look at the 'Accelerate' and 'Scale' memberships for (technical) suppliers.

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Den Ouden

Den Ouden creates solutions that contribute to a sustainable living environment. Den Ouden achieves this through intelligent infrastructure, comprehensive solutions for healthy soil, and circular biobased products and services.


DryGair develops innovative and efficient dehumidification solutions for commercial horticulture, including greenhouses, indoor grow rooms, and drying rooms.


Koppert offers an integrated system of natural solutions to cultivate healthier and safer crops, enabling growers to improve quality and yield.


Signify designs, manufactures and sells Philips GreenPower LED lamps for high-tech horticulture. Signify focuses on professional fruit-, vegetable-, floriculture- and cannabis growers in greenhouses and vertical farms.


Phormium is a supplier of high-quality agrotextiles for the horticultural sector. Phormium climate screens, ground covers, mushroom and compost nets are characterized by their durability and technical performance.

Van Iperen

As a growth specialist, Van Iperen advises and supports its customers with the challenges in their cultivation. Both the advice and the products of Van Iperen are aimed at feeding, strengthening and protecting the crop in a sustainable way, based on the natural strength of the plant.

Lensli Substrates

For over 115 years, Lensli has been developing and producing substrates for professional horticulture both domestically and internationally with great joy and passion. Lensli is fully committed to facilitating sustainable growth for its customers.


Modiform focuses on the various links in the horticultural chain and is always seeking ways for different parties to collaborate, from breeder and grower to trade, retail, and consumers.


Container Centralen


JBB Packaging


Service providers

Various service providers are part of Horti Footprint Circle. Are you interested in also becoming a participant? Then take a look at the 'Grow' membership for service providers.

CO2 reductie Greenhouse Sustainability

Greenhouse Sustainability

Greenhouse Sustainability has years of experience in the horticultural sector in helping companies on their way to a sustainable future. The LCA specialist does this by providing insight into environmental impact through footprint calculations and providing advice on reducing emissions.


Certifeye is an online platform that allows organizations to increase and automate transparency throughout the supply chain. By sharing certificates, carbon footprints and other relevant documents, producers, breeders, traders and end customers can gain insight into the information that matters to them.


Making entrepreneurs' dreams come true. That is what ABAB stands for and goes for. By looking together at the best solution for healthy, future-proof business operations. ABAB advisors provide relevant knowledge and take on tasks so that entrepreneurs can get the best out of themselves and their business.


By deploying a team of dedicated and goal-oriented interim professionals and consultants, we help entrepreneurs and companies as well as the chain with tackling, solving and implementing the relevant change measures. This in the field of finance, (management) strategy, and sustainability.

Bamboo Village

Compenseer uw CO2-uitstoot door bamboe te planten op onze gecertificeerde plantage in Oeganda. Met elke compensatie draagt u bij aan een groenere planeet. Bij Bamboo Village kunt u niet alleen de CO2-uitstoot van uw organisatie, maar ook van uw producten compenseren op een duurzame en maatschappelijk verantwoorde manier.

BICT groep

Facily LAW

Greenport West-Holland


Holland HortiMedia

KAS Magazine



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