5 steps to sustainability

Reducing the footprint together

Horti Footprint Circle is all about connection. By seeking connections between chain partners, chains in the horticultural sector are encouraged to provide insight into their footprints and jointly reduce CO2 emissions. This chain approach should make it possible to work climate neutrally within horticulture by 2030.


5 steps

With ChainPower, we involve all participants in the chain and offer the opportunity to offer (improved) products to growers. In this way, affiliated partners can contribute to optimizing and reducing the chain. How it works:

Step 1: View footprint

You will receive the footprint calculation from the grower we focus on. This way you can see exactly what the environmental impact of the partner is in various impact categories.

Step 2: Give reduction advice

Do you think your product can offer a solution? Then you have 14 days to provide advice. In your advice you indicate how your product can help the partner with sustainability.

Step 3: Get selected

Horti Footprint Circle submits your reduction advice to the partner. The partner selects 5 companies that have indicated that they can reduce the footprint.

Step 4: Hand over your footprint

Have you been selected? Have you been selected? Then have your footprint calculated (again), so that you can prove with a recent chain footprint that your product actually has a positive effect on the footprint of the chain

Step 5: Deliver product

After the footprint calculation, the partner indicates whether your company can deliver the assignment.

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