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Den Ouden

We create solutions that contribute to a sustainable living environment. We achieve this through intelligent infrastructure, comprehensive solutions for healthy soil, and circular biobased products and services.

About Den Ouden

Green solutions with circularity at the core

As a family business, Den Ouden is committed to the next generations. We want to ensure that after us, future generations can live and work comfortably, have access to sufficient and healthy food, and enjoy their living environment. Our goal is to pass on a more sustainable living environment to the next generation(s), achieved by keeping the soil healthy, fertile, and livable.


Den Ouden Organic B.V., a part of Den Ouden, contributes to this objective. For years, we have viewed green residue streams not as waste but as valuable reusable resources – resources that contribute to an annual reduction of nearly 50,000 tons of CO2, to a circular economy, and to climate adaptation.


If you have green residue streams, you can turn to us for their sustainable intake and processing. We accept green residue streams such as woody materials, grass, and leaves, and process them at thirteen production locations in the Netherlands into circular solutions for contractors in the public space, farmers and horticulturists, soil substrate companies, landscapers, and green energy producers. We offer products including compost, soil conditioners, raw materials for manufacturing, and climate-adaptive parking and ground hardening solutions.

"Our interpretation of sustainability involves lifespan and environmental impact, in other words, producing strong plants and healthy food with the lowest possible environmental impact."

Joris van de Vleuten, Director

If you're seeking products that contribute to peat reduction, you've come to the right place. As a leader in RHP-compost, we produce various types of circular peat substitutes. One of these substitutes available from us is Hortifibre.

Hortifibre Den Ouden


Hortifibre® is a high-quality, renewable, and sustainable resource for professional growing media. It is produced from locally available non-standard timber residues from sawmills. The patented technology produces an extremely stable fiber, both in storage and in the substrate. This makes it a highly distinctive product in the market. It's no surprise that more and more professionals choose Den Ouden Organic as their reliable partner in renewable resources. The fiber serves as a peat substitute, facilitating rapid and healthy root development and excellent water absorption capacity. Additionally, we offer premix, a blend of wood fiber and compost.

Why Horti Footprint Circle?

Den Ouden as a Horti Footprint Circle member

Our goal is to make the world of cultivation more sustainable. As a team of specialists, we understand that we can't achieve this alone. It requires collaboration throughout the entire chain. As a producer and supplier of substrate materials for growing media, we feel responsible for collectively influencing the environmental impact in a positive way.

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