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DryGair Energies

DryGair develops innovative and efficient dehumidification solutions for commercial horticulture, including greenhouses, indoor growing spaces, and drying rooms. The system was developed at Volcani A.R.O., Israel's agricultural research center, with the aim of addressing the inefficiency of traditional moisture control methods.

About Drygair

Large-scale air dehumidification for horticulture

The DryGair system provides an active and efficient method to reduce humidity within a closed cultivation facility. This allows growers to keep their greenhouses closed and insulated instead of opening ventilation openings and windows to remove moisture.

Sustainability is in our DNA. DryGair's mission is to reduce the energy demand of commercial cultivation and decrease the ecological footprint of food, medicine, and ornamental crop production.

Growers around the world use the system to regulate humidity, prevent diseases, and save energy. According to trials and customer reports, effective use of DryGair reduces energy consumption by an average of 50% compared to traditional moisture control methods.

"Our vision for the future hasn't changed; it has always been a more sustainable horticulture sector. By collaborating with other like-minded companies and professionals, we believe we are one step closer to achieving this goal. Creating awareness and providing easy access to sustainable practices and products is one of the biggest challenges, and with the Horti Footprint Circle program, we are certainly a few steps closer."

Ziv Shaked, Vice President Sales & Marketing

Leading dehumidifiers for commercial greenhouses, growing spaces, and drying rooms

DryGair dehumidifiers offer powerful, effective, and highly efficient moisture control specifically designed for large-scale horticultural environments. DryGair provides an active solution for moisture reduction with only a fraction of the energy requirements.

The DryGair system is patented and includes both active dehumidification and unique air circulation, creating uniform and ideal conditions for cultivation throughout the growing facility.

The system's energy-saving capability stems not only from its efficiency but also from the opportunities it provides. With DryGair, growers can fully insulate their greenhouse with thermal screens and avoid heat loss. It allows for complete climate control from a single space, providing optimal conditions for crops at minimal energy costs.

Why Horti Footprint Circle?

DryGair as Horti Footprint Circle member

DryGair is a member of the Horti Footprint Circle to help reduce the ecological footprint of the horticulture sector.

The energy invested in growing crops in a controlled environment is one of the largest contributors to the industry's overall footprint. DryGair addresses this issue directly by enabling production facilities worldwide to significantly reduce their energy consumption and, in turn, reduce their carbon and environmental impact.

Through its participation in the program, DryGair aims to raise awareness about the inefficiency of conventional climate control methods by offering an effective and feasible solution.

"Participating in the Horti Footprint Circle program aligns perfectly with DryGair. Sustainability is what drives our company, and we are delighted to participate in a program that puts the environment first. It's exactly where we want to be."

Ziv Shaked, Vice President Sales & Marketing
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