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For over 115 years, Lensli has been developing and producing substrates for professional horticulture with enthusiasm and passion, both in the Netherlands and internationally. Lensli is committed to facilitating sustainable growth for its customers. With a focus on using sustainable raw materials, production facilities, and expertise, they make this possible.

About Lensli

Sustainability is a key element in the entire operation

From the office to the end product, Lensli strives to strike a balance between people, the environment and the economy throughout the supply chain. To ensure the Earth is not depleted—for now and in the future.

Together with growers and cultivators, Lensli continuously seeks innovative and sustainable solutions to get the best out of the soil each day. All for a healthy future and growth.

Have Fun Growing, this is what Lensli, together with their customers, strives for.

"Our sustainability classification is an innovation we are proud of. It makes our substrates future-proof without compromising on quality and allows us to further assist our customers in their sustainability transition."

Rob Bierman, Commercieel Manager

Serving the entire professional horticulture industry as a substrate supplier

With years of experience, Lensli relies on formulas that have proven themselves in practice and serve as the basis for new applications. For every product they produce and deliver, Lensli can calculate the environmental impact. This provides insight into the footprint of their products and allows for improvements.

The Lensli team is constantly searching for new, innovative raw materials and possibilities to achieve the most optimal growth results. To support growers in their sustainability transition, Lensli classifies their substrates for sustainability, not only focusing on CO2 and peat content but also considering the origin and type of organic raw materials and fertilizers.

The substrates are divided into clear segments, providing convenience to their customers and enabling Lensli to maintain a targeted focus on research, development, and communication.

"Lensli aims to use more circular and renewable raw materials. The sector's target for this is set at 35 percent by 2025. However, we want to go even further and achieve a higher percentage by 2025. We recognize the importance and potential of using circular raw materials."
Ronald Keijzer
Head of Quality
Why Horti Footprint Circle?

Lensli as Horti Footprint Circle member

Lensli's ambition is to provide growers with ingredients that contribute to their success now and in the future. They strive to be at the forefront of sustainable growth and innovation, with a strong focus on (renewable) raw materials. Additionally, the company has been calculating the footprint of its products for over 8 years, making it a pioneer in its field of expertise.  

Lensli believes in making a valuable contribution within the chain to reduce the total carbon emissions of the company and its customers. Participation in Horti Footprint Circle is a valuable and even logical addition to their current ambitions, goals, and business operations.

With Horti Footprint Circle, Lensli collaborates towards achieving climate-positive ornamental horticulture products by 2030.

"I look forward to adding a new chapter to Lensli's over 100-year history with the entire team. Continuity, collaboration, and sustainable innovation are central to our approach. Together, with our customers, we aim to work towards a healthy and successful future."

Gert Blaauw, Managing Director
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