Would you like to contribute to a climate-neutral horticultural sector with your company? Then become a member of the Horti Footprint Circle. Together we calculate and reduce the environmental impact of our companies and products. 


Why become a Horti Footprint Circle-member?

The impact that your business operations and products have on the environment is also referred to as the footprint. Calculating a footprint provides insight into how sustainable your company and your products are and provides the starting point for making your entire organization more sustainable. By participating in Horti Footprint Circle you work together with other companies with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the entire chain.

A membership package is available for every type of company. Are you a (technical) supplier? Then you can choose from two different packages. Click on the button at the relevant package to view the contents.

The benefits

What do the packages offer?

The memberships offer various benefits in terms of promotion, networking and footprint. Is something not included in your membership? Then you can request this additionally.


We mainly help you with brand awareness and visibility among the right target group. 

Depending on your membership, you will benefit from:

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As a Horti Footprint Circle participant you have the opportunity to network with key partners in the horticulture sector. You will have access to our events, where insight into chain footprints is provided, possible savings are discussed, participants introduce themselves and we invite relevant speakers. As a participant you benefit from:


If you are a grower or supplier, the starting point for participation is calculating your product footprint. This allows us to identify where improvements are possible in the chain. This detailed representation of the environmental impact allows you to start targeted discussions with suppliers. It enables you to embark on sustainability efforts in a very effective manner. 

Depending on your membership, you will benefit from:

Get in touch with us

Would you like to become part of Horti Footprint Circle, have your footprint calculated or receive more information? Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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