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Membership 'SCALE'


Do you want to contribute to a climate-neutral horticultural sector? Then become a Horti Footprint Circle member. Choose a membership that suits you. On this page we explain what the SCALE membership entails for (technical) suppliers.

The benefits of your membership

Why become a Horti Footprint Circle-member?

The impact that your business operations and products have on the environment is also referred to as the footprint. Calculating a footprint provides insight into how sustainable your company and your products are and provides the starting point for making your entire organization more sustainable. By participating in Horti Footprint Circle you work together with other companies with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the entire chain.

The benefits


At Horti Footprint Circle you benefit from several advantages. We mainly help you with brand awareness and visibility among the right target group. With the SCALE package you benefit from:

Logo on website
Your logo will be placed on the participants page.

Landingspage on website
A page about your company or product. You provide your logo, images and information.

Social media post
We place a post on LinkedIn about your company or product. You provide an image and text of max. 50 words.

Article in newsletter
A digital newsletter is sent every other month. 3 times a year we pay attention to your company or product. You provide an image and text of max. 100 words.

Item from marketing Toolbox
You may choose an item from the marketing Toolbox (an A4-sized poster or a window sticker). This allows you to present your participation in Horti Footprint Circle at the office to your employees and visitors.

You will be interviewed in a podcast on Hortibiz newsradio: the horticultural channel in the Netherlands. The radio station has around 5,100 listeners every day. This is measured based on enabled devices, with an average of 5.35 listeners per device.

Press release
Are you working on sustainability? We prepare a press release and share it with (international) trade media. The press release is sent to horticultural trade magazines together with a photo of you, your company or sustainable product. For example Bloemen en plantennieuws, AGF and Bloemisterij.

The benefits


Calculating footprints is an important part of Horti Footprint Circle. The SCALE package requires a footprint calculation at product level. Have you not yet calculated your footprint? With Greenhouse Sustainability's Flori Footprint Tool you can calculate your footprint yourself. It is also possible to have your footprint calculated by the LCA specialists at Greenhouse Sustainability.

Have you done a footprint calculation? With the SCALE package you benefit from:

Consult with LCA Specialist
You will receive free support from an LCA specialist to answer questions about your footprint and support on how you can make your company more sustainable with partners or outside the network. In the SCALE package 2 hours of consultation is included.

The benefits


The Horti Footprint Circle network contains important partners in the horticultural sector. You have access to the network, so that you can make interesting contacts, talk with with other participants and work on sustainability together. As an affiliated partner you can contribute to our goal and benefit from commercial advantages at the same time.

Support for sustainability via network
Via ChainPower you get the opportunity to provide reduction advice with your product. The grower makes a choice. Your footprint calculation can be used to determine whether your product actually leads to a lower footprint.

Free tickets for Horti Footprint Circle event
The Horti Footprint Circle event is organized twice a year. Over here the network meets to share experiences. During the events, the calculated chain footprints are presented and possible savings are discussed. Additionally, relevant speakers take the stage, and new participants have the opportunity to introduce themselves. With the SCALE package you receive 10 free tickets per event.

Need help?

Choosing a membership

Are you enthusiastic about Horti Footprint Circle and the ambitions we have together? But you don't know which membership fits your company? We are happy to help you choose the right package.

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