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Modiform focuses on the various links in the horticultural chain and is always seeking ways for different parties to collaborate, from breeder and grower to trade, retail, and consumers.

About Modiform

Innovative packaging solutions

Modiform supports, facilitates, and develops a wide range of packaging solutions – from simple to complex – to meet packaging needs, thus adding value for the customer. Sustainable thinking and action are ingrained in the DNA of this family-owned company. Materials are sourced from the wider community and upcycled into high-quality and unique products and innovative concepts.


Modiform creates cultivation, transport, and packaging systems for horticulture. Our sustainable ambitions are evident in every product in our range, including pots, transport trays, carrying trays, propagation trays, and online packaging.

We replace less sustainable products with better alternatives, modify existing products, and are constantly looking for improvements to implement. This may involve standardization for more efficient production and recycling or the development of new products without new plastic. Furthermore, we are always exploring alternative materials to replace plastic and new applications.

Why Horti Footprint Circle?

Modiform as Horti Footprint Circle member

We cannot sit back and do nothing. If we want to ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and, more importantly, for our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, we must take smart steps forward together every day.

Together, we can close the materials loop – that is our belief and our goal! Every little bit helps make a big impact. Everyone can contribute their part! Through our Closed Loop commitment, we know that we are helping to close the loop in every part of the chain. From creating smart designs to reducing material usage by developing lighter trays. And from conducting Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) to implementing internal recycling.

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