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Phormium is a supplier of high-quality agrotextiles for the horticultural sector. Phormium's professional shading cloths, ground covers, and heavy-duty cloths for mushroom and compost production are characterized by their durability and technical performance. These innovations, created by the Phormium Research Center, enable them to serve the rapidly evolving, high-tech horticultural market.

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Professional screens for every project

As a leading global player, Phormium provides future-proof solutions.

Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture, driven by our commitment to the environment, specific customer demands, and regulations. To address such challenges, we make efforts in more efficient operations, sustainable products, the composition of our raw materials, and recyclability.

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Jesse Verbeke Application Manager Phormium

"As an application manager at Phormium, I bridge the gap between the market and product development. The theme of sustainability is no longer new, but it will only become more important in the coming years. As a producer of climate screens, Phormium can and wants to make a significant contribution to reducing the energy consumption of the sector. There is still much to be gained."

Jesse Verbeke, Application Manager

Innovative screens and ground covers for agriculture and horticulture

Phormium creates climate screens without frills. The focus is on producing and developing screens that benefit companies in the vegetable, fruit, and flower cultivation sectors. The aluminum night screen, PhormiTex Noctis Thermo, is a prime example. It is the most energy-saving night screen in the industry, allowing the grower to save an additional 7% on the energy bill.

Phormium Noctis Thermo
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Phormium is also the only manufacturer of climate screens with an 8-year warranty, but in reality, the screens last much longer. This reduces the need for short-term screen replacements, which is a first step towards sustainability.

In addition to climate screens, Phormium also produces the 100% biodegradable ground cover 'Duracover' used in landscaping. Duracover is produced exclusively from PLA, derived from corn starch.

Why Horti Footprint Circle?

Phormium as Horti Footprint Circle member

Phormium has the ambition to reduce the impact of global food production on our planet's ecological system. Through efficient operations, we aim to emit less energy and waste as a company. By producing high-tech climate screens, we strive to limit the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the horticultural sector.

Participating in Horti Footprint Circle allows Phormium to quantify the impact of current and future generations of climate screens on the CO2 emissions of an entire chain. By engaging with other companies, new ideas can emerge that may lead to new sustainability initiatives within our own company and among other companies.

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