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Signify designs, manufactures and sells Philips GreenPower LED lamps for high-tech horticulture. We focus on professional fruit, vegetable, floriculture and cannabis growers in greenhouses and vertical farms. Sustainability is high on our company’s agenda: our purpose is to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world. 

About Signify

Exploit extraordinary possibilities of light

With more than 125 years of experience in horticultural lighting and more than 15 years with LED in horticulture, we are distinctive in the advice we can offer growers with regard to creating lighting plans with the right uniformity and advising on light recipes that suit their crops and needs.

Growers want to grow their products with consistent high quality and yield all year round. Natural light often falls short to realize this. That is why growers have been using artificial light for years to keep the light factor stable throughout the year. Previously, HPS lighting was often used to realize this. In recent years, many growers have switched to LED. In addition to the fact that LED is almost twice as efficient as HPS, you can also set the spectrum with LED and thus only offer the part of the spectrum that the plant uses efficiently for growth or plant development.

“As the largest lighting company in the world and the leading innovator in our industry, we help professional customers and consumers reduce their electricity consumption and energy costs with high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services to meet sustainability goals.”

Udo van Slooten, Business Leader Horticulture

A suitable solution for every grower

With our extensive product range, we have a sustainable lighting solution for all applications in horticulture. The variety of light recipes for different crops and the different wattages and light intensities that we offer provide the grower with a suitable solution for his situation. 

Many growers choose to replace their existing HPS lighting installation with a more sustainable LED solution. Many growers choose to replace their existing HPS lighting installation with a more sustainable LED solution. Because Philips GreenPower LEDs require much less energy to achieve the same light level, growers’ electricity consumption is drastically reduced and is often halved. 

This has a significant impact on the footprint of the end product, whether it concerns a kilo of tomatoes, a chrysanthemum stem or an orchid.

Why Horti Footprint Circle?

Signify as Horti Footprint Circle member

Sharing knowledge with partners in the chain is crucial to make the chain more sustainable. With the life cycle analysis (LCA) we gain insight into the share of lighting on the CO₂ footprint of the end product and what the total impact of switching to Philips GreenPower LED is on this. 

Growers often know already what the impact is of switching to Philips Greenpower LED on their electricity consumption. With a LCA the entire impact on the footprint of their products becomes transparent. For example, the grower can keep his greenhouse more closed with LED, so that the temperature and CO₂ in the greenhouse are maintained, which in turn translates into a more positive footprint.

During the meetings, the various speakers always provide us with new insights into sustainability trends in the market, which is also very valuable to us.

“When we were approached to become part of the Horti Footprint Circle, we didn’t have to think twice about this. At Philips Horticulture LED, sustainability is high on our agenda, so sharing knowledge about this with other partners in the chain fits perfectly with our mission!”

Ferry Kuhlman, Global Segment Manager
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