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Van Iperen

About Van Iperen

Growth specialist since 1921

Van Iperen has been active in the agricultural sector for over a hundred years. We know the market like no other because we have been visiting our customers since 1921. As a growth specialist, we advise and support our customers with the challenges in their cultivation. Our advice and products for fertilization, crop protection, plant reinforcement and soil improvement contribute to healthy crops for our customers. Both our advice and our products are aimed at feeding, strengthening and protecting the crop in a sustainable way, based on the natural strength of the plant.

“The use of chemical plant protection products and chemical fertilizers is increasingly restricted. Van Iperen plays an active role in thinking about solutions to make cultivation more sustainable.”

Wouter van Vliet, Sector Manager Horticulture and Agriculture

We have a complete fertilizer and biostimulant package for feeding and strengthening the crop and we continuously invest in greening this package. Examples of this are the sustainable, organic GreenSwitch® fertilizers and the PlantsforPlants® biostimulants.

GreenSwitch® fertilizers

With GreenSwitch® we produce a liquid and clear sustainable nitrate fertilizer from manure. The process is based on Pure Green Agriculture technology. This production process is almost CO2 neutral and the fertilizer works just as well as the chemically produced variant. In 2021, GreenSwitch® won both the Greentech Innovation Award and the Horticontact Innovation Award.

“GreenSwitch® works in two ways: growers can grow more sustainably with GreenSwitch® and we contribute to solving the nitrogen problem.”
Marc van Oers
Director of Innovations

PlantsforPlants® biostimulants

Plants for Plants® biostimulants contain specific ingredients that have been extracted from certain plants. With the application of these products, the right properties of the plants - from which the ingredients have been extracted - are transferred to the crop that lacks these properties. Plants for Plants® products have been developed after ten years of scientific research, in a collaboration between Van Iperen, Van Iperen International and Landlab. Plants for Plants® won the European LIFE Award 2023 in the 'Environment' category.

Biological and green plant protection products

To protect the crop in a sustainable way, we carry an extensive package of biological and green crop protection products. Our advisors and specialists assist our customers their crops greener and in optimal use of these resources.

Why Horti Footprint Circle?

Van Iperen as Horti Footprint Circle member

We believe it is important to take responsibility for the world of tomorrow. Sustainability is very important to us, both within our own business operations and in our role towards our customers. By investing in our sustainable advice and product range, we help our customers grow their crops sustainably and reduce the CO2 footprint of their products.

However, we cannot do this alone; cooperation in the chain is crucial for this. That is an important reason for our participation in Horti Footprint Circle. Working together towards a climate-neutral horticultural sector in 2030!

“Growers are looking for solutions for future-proof cultivation. With GreenSwitch® as fertilizer, they can make an important difference in making cultivation more sustainable.”

Erik Noordam, Account Manager
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