Together for climate-neutral horticulture

By participating in Horti Footprint Circle you work together with other companies with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the entire chain. 

Our means

The joined forces of Horti Footprint Circle

Horti Footprint Circle consists of three elements: footprint calculations, promotion, and a network of companies genuinely committed to the climate-neutral future of horticulture. This alliance of forces forms the unique means to achieve our goal. The different elements reinforce each other and create new possibilities. 

As a participant, you will benefit from these advantages and get ready to take action.


Reducing based on footprint

The impact that your business activities and products have on the environment is also referred to as the environmental footprint. Calculating a footprint provides insight into how sustainable your company and your products are and is the basis for sustainability. Together we will work to reduce the environmental impact throughout the entire chain.

If you are a grower or supplier, the starting point for participation is calculating your product footprint. This allows us to identify where improvements are possible in the chain. This detailed representation of the environmental impact allows you to start targeted discussions with suppliers. It enables you to embark on sustainability efforts in a very effective manner.

ChainPower - 5 steps to sustainability

Horti Footprint Circle is all about connection. With our powerful network, we help companies in the sector become more sustainable. As a partner, you can play your part and, at the same time, benefit from a commercial advantage. With ChainPower, we involve all participants in the chain and offer the opportunity to offer (improved) products to growers.


The power of collaboration

As a Horti Footprint Circle participant, you have the opportunity to network with key partners in the horticulture sector. The Horti Footprint Circle network fosters strong cooperation among various stakeholders. New perspectives and ideas emerge by exchanging information, experiences, chain calculations and sustainable objectives. Both your organization and the entire sector will benefit from this. We inspire and support each other to achieve a sustainable horticulture sector.

In action at our event

Twice a year, the Horti Footprint Circle Event takes place, where the network gathers to share experiences. During these events, the calculated chain footprints are presented, and potential saving measures are discussed. This way, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel on your own. Additionally, relevant speakers take the stage, and new participants have the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Would you like to attend the next event, but you are not (yet) a participant? Then request tickets from us. 


Sharing your sustainable story with the right audience

Horti Footprint Circle assists you in gaining brand awareness and visibility within the horticulture sector. Through various promotional opportunities, we effectively highlight your sustainable mission and achievements, reaching the right audience.

Supported by facts

Your calculated footprint is not just a way to understand your environmental impact, but also a tool to reinforce your sustainable message with substantiated figures.

Utilizing various channels

The combination of both online and offline promotional activities, along with utilizing the Horti Footprint Circle network, ensures that your reach is optimal. This way, your company and your sustainable product receive the attention and impact they deserve.

We do it together

By communicating collectively about the sustainability efforts in the horticulture sector, we truly unite our strengths. We showcase the sector’s progressiveness and the successes achieved in our journey towards a sustainable future.

Get in touch with us

Would you like to become part of Horti Footprint Circle, have your footprint calculated or receive more information? Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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